About Us

About Us


Alon Blue Square Group is one of the largest retail and energy groups in Israel. The Group is dominant in all key areas of consumption in the Israeli economy: food, fuel, real estate, home, leisure, cellular communications, tourism and media.


Alon Group contains all of the leading companies in their field:

Food retail - Mega Ba’ir, Mega Bull, Zoll Beshefa, Eden Teva Market

Fuel and commerce - Dor Alon, Alonit, Alonit in the Kibbutz/Moshav, Super Alonit, AM:PM, Si-Espresso

Textile and Home - Vardinon, Na'aman, Sheshet, Dr. Baby, Kfar Hasha'ashu’im, Hakol Bedollar

Cellular - YouPhone

Media - Radio 103 FM, Radio Eco 99FM, Israel Post

Tourism, Leisure and Vacation - Mega Nofesh Yashir, Diners and its customers’ club – YOU.

The Group’s yearly turnover is 15 billion NIS and derives from a national deployment of over 700 points of sale and a buyers’ club with over 1.2 million members.