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Dor Alon Energy in Israel

Dor Alon Energy in Israel

Dor Alon has set as its goal the establishment of gas and shopping centers with a different standard of design, while committing to the environment and providing excellent service at competitive prices. The chain features over 200 gas stations across the country.

Dor Alon is continuing to grow and develop, constantly expanding its network of gas stations, which include Alonit brand convenience stores and Si-Espresso coffee shops.

The company owns a chain of diesel fuel centers – “DFCs” serving diesel consumers in general and heavy trucks in particular.

The company markets various fuels and oils throughout the economy, to industry, agriculture and the institutional sector. Dor Alon is the Israeli representative of two large foreign companies:

Chevron-Texaco and Aral, in the field of oils for industry, agriculture, automotive oils and special oils for the food industry.

Dor Alon provides its customers with the most advanced refueling methods in the Israeli market, using the “Speedomat” computerized automatic refueling center, that allows reports to be made to vehicle fleets as well as to private customers.

The company has a joint venture with global energy giant Chevron-Texaco for the supply of aircraft fuel at Ben Gurion Airport, and the company also has an agreement to supply fuel and natural gas to the Palestinian Authority.

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