About Us


  •   Establishment as the Tel Aviv Co-Op – various co-op groups consolidated under the Israeli Consumer Cooperation Alliance” established by the Mashbir Hamerkazi and the Workers’ Company of the General Histadrut of Israeli Workers.  

  •   The Tel Aviv Co-Op merged with “Dan Hasharon Joint Consumer Association”, founding the Co-Op Tel Aviv Dan Hasharon, a cooperative consumer association with several tens of thousands of members.  

  • A subsidiary by the name of “Yachdav – Tel Aviv District Supply Company”, a fruits and vegetables trading company, established in 1961, goes public and starts issuing bonds.  

  • The Company’s shares go public for the first time on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under the name "Blue Square Properties and Investments Ltd.” This company includes only some of the chain’s branches, and an 80% stake in the shares of Hamashbir Latzarchan.

  • All of the business of the cooperative association, including holdings in the shares of the subsidiary (80%) are consolidated into a limited company by the name of Blue Square Israel Ltd., which goes public in New York under the name of Blue Square Israel Ltd.  

  • The Company is purchased by the Bronfman-Alon Group. The proceeds of the sale were distributed among the members of the cooperative association.

  •  Blue Square Israel established the Bee Group as a company that will operate in the non food sector together with affiliates


  •   Blue Square Israel Purchases options to acquire 49% of the Diners Club Israel Company.


  • Transfer of the majority of Blue Square’s real estate assets to a subsidiary and issuing it under the name Blue Square Real Estate

  • Purchase of Eden Teva Market; purchase of holding in Naaman; purchase of holdings in Vardinon; establishing the Israel free daily newspaper Israel Post

  • Alon Blue square purchases 99Fm Radio; in December 2009 the station became a green radio station dealing with environmental issues named Eco99fm

  •  Purchasing the travel company “Nofesh Yashir” in cooperation with the Issta Group.


  • The company purchases the shares of Dor Alon gas from Alon Israel Oil Company. The merged company is called "Alon Blue Square Israel Ltd.''

    Alon Blue Square Israel Ltd complete  the acquisition of BEE group.

  • Launching "You Phone" - Alon group's cellular company