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You Customers Club 

The You Customers Club is the first customers club in Israel to unite 15 retail chains from a variety of commercial fields, which allows the customer to enjoy a variety of benefits when presenting the club member card.

Signup tracks - The club has a choice of two signup tracks – a credit club member track and a regular club member track.

Credit track – launched in 2006 and includes approximately 140,000 customers

Regular club track – launched in 2009 and includes approximately 850,000 customers.

 The club, established after studying and understanding the customers’ needs within their most significant diverse worlds of commerce – food, gas, textile and house wares , baby products, fast food, family vacations and so on.

 Within their membership in the club, the customers enjoy a variety of benefits with all of these worlds of content – for credit members and regular club members – separately, including a variety of permanent and changing discounts, exclusive deals, and so forth.

 Membership in the club grants the customers worthwhile and profitable purchasing in all of the group’s chains:

 Mega, Mega Bul, Mega in the City, Super Alonit, Alonit in the Kibbutz and Moshav, Naaman, Kfar Hashashuim, Sheshet, Dr. Baby and Vardinon.

 Benefits in the Dor Alon chain which includes refueling, commerce, and shopping centers spread out throughout the country from north to south.

 A variety of vacation offers in Israel and abroad attractively prices, through the Nofesh Yashir Company by the Mega Group and Issta Israel.

 You Credit Card

 You is a customers club which offers a variety of benefits and exclusive discounts in 15 of Israel’s leading retail chains. A You MasterCard / Diners credit card entitles its customers to a variety of benefits offered by the Cal Company to its customers, according to the type of card selected – You MasterCard or Diners. The card is intended for use in Israel and abroad and grants an additional credit frame, outside of the bank.

 Joining the You credit club grants customers a one-time joining gift – a 10% discount on shopping at the Mega chain stores for joiners, permanent discounts on products, unique offers for credit card holders, discounts at “Dor Alon” gas stations and more


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