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Mega Online

Mega Online

 A shopping website form the Mega Retail Group Ltd., which offers its customers an easy, convenient and safe online shopping experience. 

The Mega Online network strives to provide its customers with the finest service and products, 14 hours a day, 7 days a week,  whenever convenient, without being dependent on branch opening time and on transportation.

Mega Online allows its customers to save valuable time and do all of their shopping on the internet, by phone or by fax, without getting stuck in unnecessary traffic and without carrying unnecessary bags.

The Mega Online customer service center provides shoppers with a skilled and courteous sales staff, which is happy to help with any question and request.

No product is forgotten – using unique tools from the Mega Online site, customers can make sure that they have not forgotten any important products, by saving their regular shopping list and adding products to each order, thus not forgetting any important products.

All products in one place – from smoked meat to delicate cheese, from ecological detergent to luxurious hand cream – all food and drug store products from the finest manufacturers are just a click away. 

It’s the price that counts   – the site allows easy comparison between product prices and lets shoppers buy according to their budgets.

Sorting products from the catalog – using advanced products sorting, all catalog items can be sorted by a variety of values: brand, weight, flavor, type of packaging, and familiar and new products found easily and conveniently.

Mega prices mega discounts   – the chain does whatever it can to provide its customers with excellent prices and attractive deals. The site is updated regularly with new discounts at shops, with a variety of new and improved products and with points customers can accumulate in every purchase at the site.

Uncompromising freshness and quality – shopping for food online at the Mega site allows shoppers to enjoy a variety of high-quality products, an on-site bakery, a meat and poultry delicatessen, a high-end cheese counter and fresh produce.

Advanced data security   the network meets the strictest data security standards and guarantees a safe and secure online shopping experience


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