About Us


The Alon Blue Square Company has set its sights at being the largest and most important retail and energy company in Israel, while leading its sector and constantly increasing its profits.

The Company strives to lead in service, quality and innovation in the Israeli retail and energy markets. We invest in development and in the highest quality of products, in order to provide consumers with an optimal shopping experience and a response to all their needs.

We believe that the key element of the Company’s motivation is the human resource, and therefore we make sure to promote and nurture our employees, to inspire their yearning for innovation and the ability to put forward new ideas and abilities in the field of retail and energy.

Our goal is to conduct a relationship with our business partners based on fairness, reliability and a shared commitment to success.

We contribute to the community in a variety of areas, to take social responsibility and invest in educating future generations as a tool for narrowing social gaps.

We strive to lead the retail and energy markets in environmental activity, in order to contribute to constant improvement in everyone’s quality of life.

The Company’s vision is that the maximum integration of the strengths of the various companies it contains will lead to the support and advancement of each and every one of them. We also believe that achieving all of these goals will create the best possible value for its shareholders and investors.