Areas of operation

Eden Teva Market

Eden Teva Market

The Eden Teva Market chain aims to bring healthy, organic and natural food to every home in Israel – whether north, south or center. All chain branches have received organic supermarket certification and are supervised by organic monitoring organizations “Agrior” and “the Organic Agriculture Organization”.

Eden Teva Market opened in 2003 and immediately established its position as the first supermarket chain and the Israeli leader in organic food, natural food, ecological products and food additives. In 2007 the Blue Square chain purchased 51% of the shares of Eden Teva Market.

Today, Eden Teva Market is considered a national success, serving health food consumers and introducing more and more people to the wonderful taste of natural cooking and to the natural life style.


The Shopping Experience

Since its establishment, the chain has taken care to provide its customers with a unique and inspiring shopping experience. The Eden Teva Market approach naturally leads to attention to cleanliness, order and excellent service.


The various branches are large, roomy, and well-designed, in order to provide a comprehensive, colorful and aromatic shopping experience, like the world’s great food markets.

The mixture of products marketed in the chain is particularly diverse, and features no fewer than 16,000 organic food, natural food and health food products, nutritional additives and various ecological products.                                              

The various products are closely supervised by the chain’s nutritionists, and provide shoppers with a shopping experience filled with variety, freshness and health.