Areas of operation


Alon Blue Square is a key element of the Israeli food market. As such, it takes care to adapt its various goods and services to the demands of the Israeli consumer, who expects to receive high quality products at attractive prices and at a high level of service. The Company acts to provide for the needs of various segments of the population, and therefore operates 4 main brands:

Israel’s leading neighborhood supermarket chain, with branches spread out in city centers throughout Israel. The chain’s goal is to provide its customers with a broad variety of fresh and high-quality products at the branch closest to their home. The chain places special emphasis on service departments for fresh and high-quality products: a delicatessen with fresh meat and poultry, an in-house bakery, a cheese and salads deli, fresh agricultural produce with high-quality fruit and vegetables, and naturally, a broad variety of dairy products.

  the only retail chain in Israel that helps consumers buy cheap and save money, without compromising the quality of its products. Since launching, the chain has striven to encourage an intelligent and educated shopping culture.To do this, customers have at their disposal a variety of goods and services, which make the shopping experience far more simple and convenient.

 a chain targeting the religious/ultra-Orthodox community, with advanced kashrut certification, as well as other populations seeking to enjoy the cheap prices this chain offers without compromising on a broad variety of products, service and shopping experience.

 Eden Teva Market opened in 2003 and immediately established its position as the first supermarket chain and the Israeli leader in organic food, natural food, ecological products and food additives.

The Eden Teva Market chain aims to bring healthy, organic and natural food to every home in Israel – whether north, south or center. All chain branches have received organic supermarket certification and are supervised by organic monitoring organizations “Agrior” and “the Organic Agriculture Organization”.